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Not for the faint of scrotum.

Joctopus Rex
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I am a 22 year old male. I perform with Cerebral Roil, Snorting Pole, Dog, Pabstchucker, and Boozehammer.

The following links are placed here for my own records, but you might find them amusing as well.


Music I like:

Alice Cooper, Alien Sex Fiend, Anal Blast, Anal Cunt, Angry Johnny, Antiseen, Asmodeus, Barnyard Ballers, Bauhaus, Black Flag, Blitz, Blowfly, Bootleg Bill, Cenobites, Christian Death, Cock ESP, Cocknoose, Cookie Mongoloid, David Allan Coe, Death In June, Demented Are Go, Devo, Genitorturers, Genocide SS, George Jones, GG Allin, Ghoul, Ghoultown, Glenn Danzig's various bands, Gunt, Gwar, Hammerlock, Hank Thompson, Hank Williams, Hasil Adkins, Hellbillys, Hellstomper, Iggy Pop/The Stooges, Impaled, Impaled Northern Moonforest, Johnny Cash, Joy Division, Kill Allen Wrench, Landser, Limecell, Lord Gore, Lunachicks, Plasmatics, Macabre, Masonna, Merle Haggard, Merzbow, Motorhead, Nick Cave, Rancid Vat, Rudimentary Peni, Screaming Lord Sutch, Sean Garrison, Skrewdriver, The Badnads, The Coffinshakers, The Damned, The Dead Boys, The Dwarves, The Germs, The Mantors, The Meatmen, The Mentors, The Quakes, The Serial Killers, Throbbing Gristle, Tom Waits, The Tunnel Rats, Tenticular Genocide, Venom and more.

abdullah the butcher, absurdism, albert fish, american anti-axis propaganda, american psycho, angry johnny, animal skulls, artistic aggression, asphyxia, avante garde, basset hounds, batman, battle royale, bill hicks, bloodsucking freaks, boyd rice, brian posehn, bruce campbell, bruiser brody, bulldogs, cactus jack, caligvla, cannibalism, carl panzram, carnivorous plants, cephalopods, chainsaws, charles manson, child free, circus freaks, contact microphones, creepshow, crime scene photos, dadaism, dario argento, dave attell, dave chapelle, david cronenberg, david cross, david hess, david lynch, dennis nilsen, deranged, divine, dod, ed gein, edgar allan poe, edith massey, elephants, extreme/abnormal state shows, eyeballs, feedback, firearms, forbidden zone, frank kozik, funhouses, gear acquisition syndrome, george carlin, george romero, glenn danzig, gore, green, guinness, h.p. lovecraft, harold schechter, hate, having fun, hayabusa, henry lee lucas, herschell gordon lewis, ichi the killer, ilsa, insects, james randi, jeffrey dahmer, jim gaffigan, jim goad, joe coleman, john waters, john wayne gacy, jr "bob" dobbs, kids in the hall, knives, lo-fi, lobsters, love, lucha libre, lucio fulci, luther the geek, lycanthropy, m.c. escher, maniac, marquis de sade, masks, metalocalypse, metasonix, misanthropy, mitch hedberg, mondo films, most extreme elimination, motel hell, mr show, mythology, necro butcher, nekromantik, nietzsche, odd news stories, p.t. barnum, patton oswalt, penn & teller, peter jackson, phantasm, politics, power tools, pranks!, psychological disintegration, pure sound, pushead, redneck zombies, robert ripley, robot chicken, ruggero deodato, sabu, salvador dali, sarah silverman, sea devils, stuart gordon, surrealism, symbolism, tales from the crypt, taxi driver, terry funk, texas chainsaw massacre, the elephant man, the great muta, the munsters, the office, the onion, the pizz, the scientific method, the subconscious mind, tod browning's freaks, todd barry, tom savini, troma, unpop art, various dictators, whiskey, wonder showzen, world war ii